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Re: Justice League FLashpoint at comicon (+video clip)

I use logic to figure everything out, which is why crazy people and stupid people stuff up my world view.

You're never going to get a finish to that story.

It failed.

What they're going to give you instead is a remagination again.

Of course I never would have believed Titans Go would dig it's way out of it's grave, but truly if there ever was a cartoon that was saying "brrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaains, Braaaaaaaaiiiins, Braaaaaaaaains." it might just be that piece of fluff.

They're going to go back to the source and give you a new Titans closer to the "modern" New 52 product, because that's what they're selling as T-shirts, hard covers, toys and busts.

"Modern" is on a sliding scale, and it's sliding down hill.
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