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Re: Kate Mulgrew - Orange is the New black

Your problem, and believe me it appears to be becoming a problem is that because you think that men can be attractive, that if there is an appropriate level of praise for the good looking ones, then there must be an inversely proportionate degree of scorn and malice that must be levelled towards the unfortunately dour.

As a straight child growing up, being deadly afraid of being called gay, it was the 80s that was just the mechanics of life, there was a time that it was easier to be stabbed than be branded gay, but we've all evolved, and we know that we were silly back then, but saying that a man was ugly was as bad as saying that he was pretty because acknowledging that there was a spectrum was the first step towards opening a bed and breakfast in Vermont with a bear named Barry.

A social instinct for survival taliored our senses to perceive no pretty boys or ugly dudes, just a blurred "meh" where all men's appearances were a formless putty collection of who gives a damn... So, decades later, when I can finally comfortably admit to myself an appreciation for the male form and conternance... Mr Biggs is still a huge tub of bland.

Oh, and I still hate him, because he took my girlfriend.
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