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Re: World War Z ratings/spoilers

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I agree everything after Jerusalem things slid down hill... a bit, but hardly felt it was horrible. There were still some good moments there, particularly with the Jewish chick, the zombie version of William Fichtner and Pitt enjoying a cool, refreshing, Pepsi after getting his "camouflage" from the zombies. Overall, it's a movie I liked. (Saw it again this past weekend with another friend who wanted to see it.)

Plenty of mis-steps in it (zombie apocalypse and two guys are going for a rape in the dairy aisle?!) but overall I enjoyed it.
No, it wasn't horrible, it was stupid. It had probably already been said here, but the whole idea of infecting people with deadly but curable diseases for camouflage purposes is really really dumb. It's a terrible idea. What if one of those diseases gets out of hand and the world has a goddamn black plague or something in addition to zombie apocalypse?
It was also implied that zombies didn't bite one of the soldiers in South Korea because he was limping. The Israeli soldier girl had her arm cut off - why were the zombies reacting to her then, do zombies only bite the healthy people who can move easily? Why not send her to get the stuff at WHO, or at least to try to see what would happen if she got close to one of the zombies?

BTW, Segen in Hebrew is lieutenant, as in army rank, it made little sense not to give an Israeli girl a proper name even after the Jerusalem scene, but that's a minor nitpicking. It just looked weird to me.
Well, we're never told what the guy in South Korea had that made him immune. It's possible he suffered from some illness that had rendered him inviable to the zombies, I doubt his limp had anything to do with it. Which is why the Israeli soldier chick was still attacked after losing her hand.

The "idea" seemed to be the zombies were "propagating their species" by only infecting viable candidates. The SK soldier, the old man in Israel and the bald (cancer?) kid in Israel all had terminal, long-term, illnesses that made them inviable candidates for infection.

As much as I liked this little plot idea I do agree it doesn't hold up to much scrutiny. Because it begs the question of "how sick is sick?" I think at the WHO they suggested something bacterial to be infected with. Well, any number of bacterial agents are infectious and potentially deadly. It's just a matter of "how deadly" and that depends on your personal health and immune system and how soon you get treatment.

The flu and the cold can be deadly in the right circumstances. (Though those are viruses.) So it was a plot point that wasn't thought out too much because it has too many problems when thought about for more than a couple of minutes.

But it certainly wasn't about injury as both the Israeli chick and Brad Pitt had pretty heavy injuries in the final act that should have made the "immune" and it obviously didn't. Maybe the guy in SK had arthritis or got polio or something?
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