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Re: Random Thoughts After a TOS Marathon

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The main character dynamic in the Abrams films is impulsive Kirk / logical Spock. There's no room for Bones because Kirk is played up as Spock's opposite, rather than the man in the middle between opposites Spock and McCoy.

I think that's exactly right, and it is a major feature of JJ-Trek that rubs me the wrong way.

JJ-Kirk is an undisciplined, rebellious man-child because he was raised without a father. That makes some sense within the JJ-verse, but I don't like it. And it strains credibility to see him promoted to Captain.

JJ-Spock is nothing like TV Spock, largely because young Nimoy projected a persona that (I'll bet) JJ finds boring and sexless, and Quinto is a very different actor besides.
I got the impression from ST09 that leader type personality's are hard to come by at this time, reason why Pike was perusing him so vigorously. After seeing ID that idea was furthered with the glimpses given of everyday civilians on the street - what a bunch of idiotic looking goof-balls!

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Watched a few episodes recently.

Who is Kirk's interior decorator?
Appears to be an Andorian antenna in the container above his left shoulder.
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