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Re: What Was Scotty Doing There?

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Personally, I've always viewed that facility as being the main office of the San Francisco Fleet Yards, or at least its orbital component overseeing the actual work on the ships in the drydocks.
Was Utopia Planitia around then? Because that's where most of the 24th century ships were assembled.
No way of knowing.
The only time we saw the San Francisco drydock used was in Nemesis.
Presumably the Enterprise-B was christened there too in Generations.

Aside from the original Enterprise and the Enterprise-E, the dedication plaques of the starships Enterprise-A, Excelsior, Stargazer, and Sutherland also list the San Francisco Yards as where they originated from.
Earth Station McKinley was used after "The Best of Both Worlds."
The Voyager was supposedly built at Utopia Planitia as well, but commissioned at McKinley Station.

With that train of thought, the nuEnterprise may have been built at Riverside, but commissioned at the San Francisco Yards (it's still listed on her dedication plaque).
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