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Re: Voyager again, for the first time


Kodos the Execution was a decent human being that made a silly decision 20 years before TOS. The colony he was governing had got it's crops ass ended by a plague. They ran out of food, and everyone would die months before the relief ships showed up with humanitarian aid. Kodos took they only reasonable course of action available to him... Calling for the state approved and legally sanctioned euthanasia of 4000 hearthy federation Citizens so that the remainder of the neighbourhood could plod on unremittingly.

They didn't wait for history to find him an ass hole, the present took care of that toot sweet, Kodos was wrong and a criminal and hunted by the law for years, and exactly what Janeway did to Tuvix on a vaster scale so she should have been equally as wrong.

Choosing who to kill by lottery would have been shit.

Randomly bombing or gassing th public would entail too much collateral waste.

Not eating the corpses of the slain would have a ridiculous waste of food.

So why kill the old when they'd taste spoiled?

& Why kill the thin when the fat will feed four times as many people, and thin by definition eat less anyway.

I'm 50/50 on children. Not as much meat, but they are fucking annoying.

You would have to wonder if Tribbles are kept in stasis as emergency famine insurance since their discovery?
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