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Re: Fantastic Four reboot-- Casting, Rumors, Pix, ect;

I've always found the less superhero like FF stuff in the comics to be the least interesting (especially with the more recent stuff which really started appearing near the very end of Hickman's run when F4 was just kind of losing direction and in the new, very poorly done current F4 comic). They can do good FF stuff that isn't straight superhero stuff, but I have no desire to spend 90-120 minutes watching the FF go around exploring and fight some random person (its a superhero movie, its obviosuly going to have a fight with a bad guy at some point). Even if they don't use Doctor Doom (and I kind of hope they don't, although I'm also pretty sure they will) it would be cool to see Superskrull, or maybe have reed match his intelligence with the Mad Thinker or something. It would be awesome to see something involving the inhumans or Black Panther, but I'm sure it will never happen. Its most likely going to be an origin, and probably have Dr. doom or Galactus. As long as its done well thats fine, but I think they should maybe stay away from Doom and galactus. They are both good villains, but I hope they go with something a bit different. I don't want to see the FF wandering around the negative zone or anything in some Indiana Jones style scavenger hunt, I just want a villain who's not the same as the first FF movies (or atleast I want a real Galactus, not a cloud).
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