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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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TL;RIAB (Read It All Before)

Maybe you should stick to reruns of The Superfriends.
That would have been a better snarky comment if you said Batman The animated series. I don't care if people make comments like that, but atleast have them be somewhat logical.

I just read the article with Mitch Watson that a few people posted.

So every villain…it's the same thing. He illustrates a different aspect of Batman's personality. So that's how we chose them. And when we went through the villains, if we found a villain that fit, great. But DC also gave us the license, like with Magpie, to take a character that we liked but didn't exactly fit, and alter her backstory and persona. Stuff like that.
So, that sounds kind of stupid. Ever villain is going to be an aspect of Batman's personality? This sounds like a silver age comic story. Batman gets split into a bunch of different Batmen, each with a different part of the personality (B&TB did a good episode like this, but it worked on that show). Except now some of the parts of his personality are women in S&M gear that have the brains of squirrels. It does make me wonder what part of Batman Pyg is. I never thought Bruce was secretly a eco terrorist

Another reason is purely logistical and legal kind of stuff. There's a whole other thing you have to go through when you create brand new characters in-universe. We have; we did do that.
that just supports my theory that they want to do a completely new superhero show, but they use the Batman liscense for legal/ease of use reasons.

Her character to me is actually the funnest character. You're going to see a change throughout her. Something will happen to her. I can't say what it's going to be.
Now I really think that she's becoming a supervillain. It fits with these guy's desire to screw with everything Batman. I wonder if she'll take on a pre-existing gimmick (Maybe she'll be "The Absence", the Morrison supervillainess who had a hole in her head, or Sister crystal, another obscure Morrison era villainess, or maybe she'll be a tv show version of the female Crazy Quilt).

It is cool that Tara Strong is voicing barbara, and its nice to have another good voice actor on the show.

"That's his biggest fear," said Watson, "that Bruce won't be able to control Batman, and if he goes full Batman that Bruce Wayne will cease to exist. And then he will become a true dark figure."
Great, Batman psycology in a TV show. mentally unstable Batman sounds like a really lame story (I know its been done in other things, and done well, but the whole paragraph makes this sound stupid). Batman being afraid of himself sounds hilarious, but BTB is definately not doing it for laughs. I wish that Murakami and Watson could talk about this show and actually say something that doesn't lower my opinion of their ability to make compelling television.
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