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Re: Movies Seen In 2013

63. Godfather pt.II: A+
64. Godfather pt.III: B
65. Beyond Sherwood Forest: D
66. R.E.D. 2: B-
67. La Captive: C- (French Film)

From 2000, a Cannes Film Festival Selection is a story about a dysfunctional couple and their love that goes tragic. I was expecting there to be more drama and emotion in this film than what it has. Which really isn't much.
An early-mid 20yr old couple is living together with the young man's grandmother, who is quite well off financially. He has taken to being her guardian. He also has an acute sensitivity to pollen and allergens. His girlfriend it seems is also not entirely truthful about her day trips with her friends causing strain on their relationship. The title of the film easily translates as The Captive, I came to think Prisoner might've made more sense. As the young man could be seen as a prisoner to his grandmothers needs for care. A prisoner to his allergies, keeping him inside rather frequently AND due to the level of familiarity stuck being a prisoner in a relationship where love seems to have fled.

The film has many moments of framed sequences where he is roaming the house, looking out windows, dressing and looking very melancholy. When his girlfriend returns home she gives off the same vibe and a sense of love is not present when they are together.

He decides to call it off at the end. She's going to live with her aunt. On the drive there, they reconcile with her telling him it's only he who feels things are right. She confesses to some lies but says she never betrayed him. It's late so they stop off at a hotel. She decides to take a late night dip in the ocean. She drowns and dies. Film ends with him bringing her body in the next morning on a small row boat with a local.

When I read the write up I expected more sparks and energy in this film and it was very bland actually.
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