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Trek Kindle eBook "Update"

Hey, so I'm posting this here for a number of a reasons, the main one being that I've not seen this before for any eBook and the second that I've noticed myself and others have complained about major issues with some of the earlier Trek eBooks. (I believe A Stitch in Time was the most egregious according to the board. Though I forget which one now, one of the Post-Insurrection books had no paragraph breaks.)

Anyway, this morning I got an e-mail from Amazon alerting me that there was an update available for Voyager: The Farther Shore. The thing that caught my eye was a two point bullet list stating the reason for the update: "Typos have been corrected and Significant editorial changes have been made."

Significant editorial changes strikes me as a rather large blanket. I don't recall any major issues. Perhaps no chapter call outs or something minor. Still, it is curious. Anyone get a similar note about other books? Or perhaps know what exactly changed in Farther Shore?
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