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Mr. Hengist
Re: Was the reveal of the Enterprise-A a big surprise?

The real star of Star Trek, at least TOS, at least to a 60's kid, was always the "classic Enterprise." (Constitution class)

Just like the real star of the American space program wasn't any of the individual astronauts, it was always the hardware...the Saturn V rocket + Apollo module + LM.

There's almost an Art Deco quality to classic Enterprise. I would analogize it to the Chrysler building. There are lots of other skyscrapers that are bigger, more modern, more bells and whistles, but there's only one Chrysler building.

What do we see in the opening credits of TOS?

Enterprise slowly transiting Vulcan--the "beauty" shot--Enterprise flashing back and forth to the theme music--the show is all about the Enterprise.

Who was the space chick that Kirk always carried his biggest torch for? Enterprise.
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