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Re: The Official Deleted/Alternate Material Thread

The credits were originally intercut with a scene of Kirk performing orbital skydiving and Scotty and Chekov watching him.
A scene of Harriman discussing learning about Kirk in grade-school.
There were a few changes made to the dialogue, changing Kirk from being a thrill-seeker to restless.
The whole rescue scene was cut down, removing several dialogue exchanges.
A whole scene of Chekov and Scotty discussing Kirk's apparent death.
The scene of Worf's promotion was cut down, and many takes were substituted for different versions.
Data originally went through many different emotions in his freakout scene.
The scene of Worf and Riker discussing the Duras sisters and Crusher working on Data was substantially cut down and changed, with many lines redubbed and whole exchanges cut down.
A scene of Geordi's torture was almost completely cut out.
Picard and Soran's fight was substantially cut down.
Picard's nexus was cut down and re-shot for the final version.
The entire climax was reshot. Kirk originally was incapacitated, snuck up on Soran, knocked him out, and stole his remote. Soran then shot him in the back. Picard later did the same to Soran.
A few scenes from the ending were cut out.
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