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Re: Would Rom's Cloaked Minefield Work on the Exit Aperture of a Borg

Picard mentioned the Borg having a superior power source to explain how they got to Fed space so fast in a year and a half from their first encounter with them. He was being hypothetical. After they found out about Transwarp Conduits, it's most likely they realized "Oh, THAT'S how they got here so fast."
And after they learned a bit more about the Borg, they most likely realized "Oh, so they where here all the time and didn't need to get here from anywhere"...

There was no mention of the "Q Who?" or "BoBW" Borg doing anything called transwarp, so we can't claim that transwarp changed just because the Borg after these episodes started moving differently.

perhaps Transwarp Conduits drain a lot of power and should be used only for the big long-range trips.
Or perhaps they simply don't go to all that many places, and take a lot of effort to construct. So you take the conduit to a location close to your destination, and fly the rest of the way by more conventional means.

The idea of the Borg having Conduits was originally from TNG, though. "Descent".
Back then, we could speculate that this was something specific to Lore's deranged Borg. Nowadays, we can speculate that only the unique looks of the "Descent" conduits (and their ship) were due to the insanity of Lore's mini-collective.

The Coils are to help use the Transwarp Network as well as boost normal space warp drive.
Or perhaps a coil is an absolute requirement for opening a conduit mouth and entering, except in "Descent" where the conduit was abnormal because of its builders being abnormal.

It could also be that the coil is needed for plowing new conduits into untamed space, and in "Dark Frontier" Janeway had no idea that there also was a preexisting network of readymade conduits available to her, so she desperately wanted to steal the snowplow.

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