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Re: Satellites in Space

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You would still need to target individual satellites at that radius. not very effective use of nuclear warheads...
THAT depends on where you choose to engage them.

For example, if you deliberately knock out all of America's communication satellites when they just happened to be directly over the continental United States and/or U.S. military bases, not only would you knock out the satellites, the resulting EMP would also zap half the computers in the country.
Comsats are in geosynchronous orbit. They don't wander around. They're either over the U.S. or not. Most likely not since the whole point of a comsat is to provide signals to the other side of the planet. The other thing is that geosynchronous orbits require an altitude of 22,500 something odd miles. Would an EMP have the range to take out both a satellite at that altitude and whatever is on the Earth below it?

Remember, space is BIG.
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