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Re: The curse of even Trek Films and the reboot - thought

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Generations actually has an original story, a good villain, and solid pacing. The only real problems are some plot holes and Kirk's underwhelming death.
Genrations was a POORLY done two hour TV episode.

The set lighting was atrocious. As for the story, it was a hackneyed mess, and they set up stuff they didn't even bother to incorporate later.


1) At the start of the film Picard is informed his nephew died in aa fire back on Earth and Picard is VERY upset about this, HOWEVER, when he gets in the Nexus (and he was told earlier by Guinan "You can exit anywhere in time and space"; he doesn't even consider (or from appearances in the film remember his nephew's death) exiting back on Earth and saving his nephew (after which he could very easily stop the entire Soran situation).

2) Ignoring the above - 'real' Guinan tells Picard it's REALLY hard to leave the Nexus (even Guinan couldn't do it willingly herself) and she says she would still return tom it if she could. Yet, once Picard is in the Nexus, he pretty easily shrugs off the influence - somehow meets Guinan's 'ghost' who basically tells him 'Hey, Kirk's here too and from his perspective just arrived too' - then manages to take him to Kirk; and in a short two minute discussion; they hops horses and ride out of the Nexux no muss or fuss - and at just seconds before the events are about to repeat themselves -- WTF?!

3) For Picard (a Frenchman by all accounts from the TNG series background) - the Nexus christmas scene sutre look rather British to me.

4) There were rehashed element in Generations too. If you compare them the Generations 1701-D Warp Core breach scene sequence was nearly a short for shot redo of the Warp Core breach scene sequence from the TNG episode Yesterday's Enterprise

So, sorry, even though ST:TMP was a two hour rehash/remake of the changeling; at least it was done with flash and excellent visuals, and they tried to tell the story big. Plus the DVD released Director's Cut really improves ST:TMP watchability too. Given all it's flaws, I doubt a similar 'Director's Cut' version of Generations could save what is ultimately a lackluster script.

Generations was a poorly thought out TV series level episode that they just used panavision lenses to shoot. Hell the actual 2 episode TNG series finale All Good Things was better written (for all it's flaws) and IMO would have been the better script to shot as a TNG feature film.

But, to each his own.
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