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Re: TNG Caption This! 322: What's Happening to Me

Thanks for the Special Award (I feel so special!!)

Beverly: ... Well..
O'Brien: Well...
Deanna: Well...
Worf: Well...
Keiko: Well...
Geordi: Well...
Wesley: Well...
Ogawa: Well...
Tasha: Well...
Riker: No-one say it or you're dead

Deanna: Great news everyone; Will and I are getting married!!
Beverly: That's greeeeat news. Now stay still while I give
you this tranquilizer

Personal log: After seeing Wesley floating around outside my window, it's my duty to start an investigation into who threw him out the airlock. After all, they need to be congratulated

The holodeck had been broken for 3 months now and Beverly was finding it harder and harder to resist her overwhelming urge... TO DANCE
Beverly: And a one, and a two.. #There's... no business like show business...#

Picard: Give me one good reason that I should.
Wesley: Well I can solve any problem almost immediately, I don't get distracted by girls and I have access to another dimension.
Picard: Hmm... Point taken. Will - you're fired, Wesley is my new first officer
Boldly going... nowhere in particular
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