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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Hey, Vektor... looking great!

I'm particularly pleased that you've made "working" hangar bay doors. This is one of the things that's always bugged me, perhaps more than anything else, with post-Probert Trek design... Excelsior and Ent-E in particular... with door systems that are structurally IMPOSSIBLE (though they look good to a graphics-arts type I suppose).

I'm also very pleased to see a workable impulse-engine arrangement. This, as some of you know, is my main "quibble" with the selected Titan design... the impulse engine centerline-of-thrust is so far away from the center of mass of the ship that the thing would literally just spin in place (if this is using the conventionally-accepted newtonian principals and not some "new" reactionless sublight system I s'pose).

Anyway, I preferred the earlier (second?) design you did, on a purely stylistic basis (and I hope you'll pick that back up one of these days, albeit under a different name!), but I definitely "approve" of your design style and how well-thought-out your designs seem to be.

If only the Paramount guys could do so, consistently... though I do realize that "producer dictates" can be a real factor in this, and a good design can be compromised pretty easily to "make it look better" (sic).

Anyway... just wanted to give this a big "thumbs up."
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