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Re: Is broadcast television dead? Google announces Chromecast

I may be an exception or in the minority, but:

I am watching TV with an older analog set, a digital signal convertor box, and a rabbit-ear antenna. I live about 35 miles south of Seattle and receive 20 channels. Granted a couple of those are duplicates of each other - apparantly the station can't think of anything to do with the extra bandwidth, I guess. But, I get a clean signal (better than the old analog signals were), and it ain't costing me anything more than the electricity to keep it running.

Sure, there are some programs on cable I'd like to see, but then I'd proably be spending way too much time infront of the box. And the really good stuff will be on disc at some point or another. In the meantime, I'm getting the news, and the network stuff, and I'm happy.
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