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Re: TNG Caption This! 322: What's Happening to Me

Picard: Damn it, apparently the new iOS is buggy. My phaser's brick'd. What about yours?

Riker: Same here. I knew we should have listened to Data and gone Android.

Tasha couldn't decide who enjoyed the hypo more, Crusher or Troi. Regardless, she was eager to get hers.

Picard: Captain's Log, Supplemental. I still can't shake the feeling I've forgotten someth...MERDE, I left the iron on at home before we left spacedock!

Red-Shirted Crewmember: Should we help the Doctor?

Blue-Shirted Crewmember: Nah, when you work in medical, you get used to the Doctor's "I just left the Captain's Quarter's" walk.

Wheaton: Screw this, I'm done with Trek, I'm going to become...AN INTERNET CELEBRITY!

Frakes: Yeah, like that'll ever be a thing.

Stewart: Shut up Johnathan, I want to hear more about this INTERNET FAME! I think young Wil's onto something.
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