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Re: The least disliked episode of TNG - Season Three

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I would say BOBW might be the best cliffhanger in Trek, but I would actually rank Scorpion up there. The shock of seeing Species 8472 destroying an entire planet was extremely shocking, mainly because we found that one race that can beat the borg. I was so excited for part 2 and when that aired, it ended up making a great two parter.

As for episodes with more rewatchability, the shock value of BOBW kind of goes out the window after a few watches. I would watch episodes like Sarek and The Defector more than I would go back to BOBW mainly because the overall episode is just great.
Okay, thanks. I havenīt seen a lot of Voyager as I said, so I guess I missed something after all

As to BOBW, I never get tired of it and can always re-live that cliffhanger moment.
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