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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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Everything they did with the shuttlecraft and hangar deck in TOS-R looks awful. The launch sequence always looks like a video game as opposed to a controlled launch as seen in TOS.
Yes...awful is right. There is nothing remotely realistic about the game like rendering of the shuttle/shuttlebay sequences. How that was approved is beyond reason.
You can dump on TFF for all kinds of reasons, but there is one scene in it that resonates on this point. When Kirk orders their shuttlecraft to make a hasty emergency landing into the hangar bay Sulu actually looks a bit concerned, bolstering the idea that landings and launches are are near universally done on automatic. Probably a tractor beam guides the shuttlecraft in and out of the bay.

I think a lot of TOS-R gets attention largely because it was new and different, but when some really start to scrutinize it you start to see a lot of misses. I reiterate that I don't think a lot of the new f/x are a fail as a work unto itself, but that a lot of it doesn't fit seamlessly with the original aesthetic.
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