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Re: Cosmos - With Neil deGrasse Tyson

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By the way the other Executive Producer behind this project is Brannon Braga. I am curious to see how this is going to turn out. The Trailer looks interesting.
I also believe that Braga is directing episode(s) of the new COSMOS.

Yeah, he's controversial figure in Star Trek fandom, but he's also one of Hollywood's most experienced producers of F/X heavy television. For a project like this, he would be near (or at) the top of a very short list of producers who could get this done on time and on budget and with its unique production requirements.
Most of my criticisms with Braga and Trek had to do with his writing and story ideas, not his production talents. The with the development of Cosmos being handled by Druyan and Tyson (among others) I'm not worried about Braga.

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Hm. I'm afraid I simply don't find Tyson to be an interesting screen presence. I'm sure he's as brilliant and passionate about science as all his hype indicates, but he's so down-to-earth earnest it's kinda painful. The great thing about Sagan was that he was just weird enough that one could half-imagine he was some space lizard in a human suit, trying to nudge us to look at the bigger picture of things before he ate us all, treasuring each single bite.

I know it's unmeritocratic of me to suggest, as he's just an actor and all, and not a legitimate intellectual peer of Sagan as Tyson is, but I'd be much more interested to see Hugo Weaving perform Tyson's script. Or Tim Russ, with or without the Tuvok makeup.

Look at it this way: if Sagan were to host a special on, say, To Kill a Mockingbird, his talking about such a small-scale story would surely feel confoundingly off. If Tyson were to do the same, it wouldn't faze me at all.
If you haven't already, you can get your actor-hosting-science-show fix with Morgan Freeman's Through the Wormhole - which is actually a really good series. And, to me, it's exactly why Tyson is the right person for Cosmos.

Freeman often adds his own commentary into the episodes - literally injecting his voice into the narrative. It works because Freeman is curious and his ability to tie his own experiences and curiosity to the subject matter helps the series feel like it's exploring big questions.

Cosmos, though, was originally Sagan's personal journey. Quite simply, no one can replace his voice in the series because they aren't Sagan. But if you're going to replace him, you'd better do so with someone who has a similar breadth and depth of knowledge, optimism in humanity, and interest in making science exploration accessible. Tyson certainly fits that description.
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