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Re: Kira in charge of the Defiant

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Is it such a surprise that she could have commanded the ship?

After all there is already a precedent:

T'Pol as XO of NX-01 and Kurn as XO of E-D.

Both of them were not Starfleet, but were XOs, so could have (and did) command a Starfleet starship...
You forgot the glorious service of Riker to the Pagh, who was entrusted to defeat the Enterprise.
I also did not include Worf's service on the Rotarran as we are talking about an Starfleet vessel.
But if we are talking about the trust that Starfleet gives to exchange officers and what trust Starfleet requires other governmens give, it is relevant. It suggests that all such exchange officers be able to function fully in the position they are assigned: all exchange XO's must be able to replace the captain.. It suggests reciprocity.
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