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Re: Noobie - Which Big Finish audio book should I start with?

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Iīm a Doctor Who noob and would like to try one or two of the Big Finish full cast audio books. I havenīt seen any of classic who besides "five doctors" and the first part of "An Unexpected Child". Which big finish production would you recommend?
I was a Big Classic Who fan (In America) before the new Series came along.

I started a thread like this "Best Audio Book" and received some awesome suggestions. Since I knew Classic Who, I was able to say things I like about Classic Who to guide suggestions. You could still at least say what you like about nuWho and what enemies you like, that'll help get you in the Right Direction. I like the Gallifreyan Politics, so, I started with Gallfrey Adventures.

The Colin Baker stories with Evelyn Smythe are really good so far (I'm about 1/3 through the list).

Spare Parts is an awesome 5th Doctor Cybermen Origin Story

There are some great Dalek Stories and I haven't listened to any, but, there are also some great The Master Stories (Well, I've listened to a Doctor Who Unbound story with the Master [Doctor Who Unbound is alternate Universe Stories)

Spare Parts is definitely one you can't go wrong with
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