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Re: Kira in charge of the Defiant

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Is it such a surprise that she could have commanded the ship?

After all there is already a precedent:

T'Pol as XO of NX-01 and Kurn as XO of E-D.

Both of them were not Starfleet, but were XOs, so could have (and did) command a Starfleet starship...
You forgot the glorious service of Riker to the Pagh, who was entrusted to defeat the Enterprise.

US Navy and British Navy might share a port for instance and have an agreement between command officers but a British commander isn't getting on a US Navy ship and taking it out on a mission or vice-versa
Britain will not likely become an American state, as Bajor was a potential member of the Federation. If that process is going forward, the incorporation of the Bajoran military personnel would happen.
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