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Is broadcast television dead? Google announces Chromecast

ABC, NBC and CBS has struggled over the past few years to find a new hit series. AMC has found a new niche with the success of The Walking Dead and Mad Men. Recently I started watching House of Cards on Netflix and it's outstanding.

Is network television dead? What is killing their ability to compete? Is it just as simple as FCC regulations or are their deeper and more profound problems with the format?

If you were in charge of programming at any of the, 'big three networks,' what changes would you make to save them?

Google just made getting the Internet on your TV much easier and much cheaper.
Google on Wednesday announced Chromecast, a $35 HDMI stick that streams web video to an HDTV. Chromecast will stream TV shows, movies and music, and anything in a Chrome browser, to your TV. It works with smartphones, tablets and PCs.
The surprising product announcement is the latest advancement in tech companies' growing battle over the future of TV. Set-top boxes like Apple TV and Roku already allow customers to stream web video on their televisions, and Amazon has been rumored to be launching a set-top box this fall.
The Google website notes that Chromecast works with Netflix, YouTube, Google Play and the Chrome browser. Pandora will be coming soon, Google said.
Each app that supports Chromecast will have a "Cast" button that sends content from your device to your TV. The Chrome browser will also be equipped with a "Cast" button that streams whatever is in your browser to your TV -- an option for things like HBO Go, Gizmodo notes.
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