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Re: Anyone else have depression?

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You've not had a day off in seven months? Can you take a sick day, or do you need a doctor's excuse for that? There might also be a medical reason for your depression, so a doctor's visit might be helpful.
It's very difficult for me to get time off, as I have to arrange cover, which nobody wants to do. Covering is voluntary and nobody at work will do it if they can avoid it. Being the manager if I'm sick and nobody will cover the shop won't open and I'll probably lose my job

I had severe tonsillitis in February and nobody could cover so I worked with it for 3 days and on the fourth day it got so bad my windpipe was almost closed, even then it took, two hours for the cover person to eventually stroll in so I could go to hospital, when I got signed off work for 3 days and told the cover person that basically they have to work the three days he got really shitty and complained nonstop about it, before begrudgingly doing it after the area manager spoke to him.

Generally it's too stressful to even try and get time off, I just get tired of all the excuses.

It's a vicious circle
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