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Miranda class list of ships resource?

Hey all! Just thought I'd throw this one out there for some fun debating. We know that many many miranda class starships were built and used by the Federation as seen in the Dominion War, however so few of them were ever mentioned or named. Are there any reliable sources (outside of an updated Omnipedia) out there that might give more elaborate names and registries that are at least ...uh plausibly canon?

USS Brattain (NCC-21166)
USS Lantree (NCC-1837)
USS Majestic (NCC-31060)
USS Nautilus (NCC-31910)
USS Reliant (NCC-1864)
USS Saratoga (NCC-1887)
USS Saratoga (NCC-31911)
USS ShirKahr (NCC-31905)
USS Sitak
USS Tian An Men (NCC-21832)
USS Trial (NCC-1948)
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