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Re: The least disliked episode of TNG - Season Three

I removed The Survivors cause it's my 2nd least favorite and like I said when I removed it "That episode gives me nightmares about getting a song stuck in my head."
I removed Yesterday's Enterprise for the reason I gave "my least favorite episode of season 3." Plus I felt like Yesterday's Enterprise might be one of the final 3 standing if I didn't remove it.
tomalak301 removed the second one I thought might make it to the final 3--Best Of Both Worlds.
Now I'm gonna remove the last one I think might make it to the final 3.
I hereby remove...wait for it...SAREK.
Now let's see who the final 3 end up being.

The Ensigns of Command
The Enemy
The Defector
Deja Q
The Offspring
Sins of the Father
Hollow Pursuits
Doctor Who Episode "FLATLINE".

THE DOCTOR: I mean this is embarrassing.
I'm from the race that built the T.A.R.D.I.S.
Dimensions are kind of our thing. So why can't I understand this?

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