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Re: Best Audio Book?

Everything from Big Finish is good to awesome. There isn't one I don't regret buying. The AudioGo series with the 4th Doctor is OK but your mileage may vary.

What I recommend
Holy Terror
The Lost Stories
8th Doctor series with Lucy Miller
Anything with Colin Baker
The Dalek Empire series 1 and 2 (3 and 4 are Ok but not as good)
Jaggo and Lightfoot

What I don't recommend
The mainline 8th Doctor adventures from Neverland to The Girl Never Was (don't get me wrong there are some real gems but overall the stories aren't up to BF's usual quality)
4th Doctor series (OK but not as good as the 4 part series)
Key2Time series
Any story containing Thomas Brewster (personally I like the character but people seem to react negatively to him)
The Stage Plays

Recommendation based on Doctor

Spare Parts
Winter for the Adepts
The Mutant Phase

Holy Terror
The Apocalypse Element
Assassin in the Limelight

Bang Bang a Boom!
A Death in the Family

Storm Warning
The Natural History of Fear
The Company of Friends
This Space for Rent
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