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Re: OT: I wish Pocket would do something like this

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Meh. I stopped reading the Star Wars EU as soon as VII was announced. What's the point when 90% of novel/comic continuity will be erased?
Star Trek fans were giving this as their reason for not reading the first batch of Pocket Books novels and DC Comics when I first found fandom in 1980. I was enjoying the tie-ins very much, but few of my new friends were interested because the adventures "weren't real".

What's the point, you ask? Well, I was having fun. And they (presumably) weren't.

it'd be cool if they started something like this for the Star Trek EU.
I've never been terribly interested in contests that give prizes out that I've already bought at retail the day they were published. And I'm not going to pass up buying and reading a book in the hope that I can score enough points to win a random back issue.
I wish I had that much money to spend on Trek stuff.
I'm with ya there. There's that Star Trek offical Starships collection starting soon, $40 a month is a bit steep & would land me in deep poodoo.
Long live DS9!
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