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TNG Caption This! 322: What's Happening to Me

Hello everyone! So, Saturday became unexpectedly busy, then sunday did too, Monday was crazy and Tuesday was busy too. So sorry I really wanted to get this contest back on the weekend, as it stands I'll aim for this to go to monday so that people have enough time to participate.

First up to the plate, we have the "Questions that need no answers" Award, going to:

Dale Sams wrote: View Post

Picard: "No Lieutenant, I really don't care what you would do for a Klondike Bar."
Next, we have the "Temporal Interference" Award, going to:

JirinPanthosa wrote: View Post

PICARD: You must all listen carefully. I've come back in time to the mission on Vagra II to tell you that it's imperative that Wesley be assigned to this away team. Tasha, beam back up to the ship.
Next, we have the "There goes the insurance rates..." Award, going to:

Mr. Laser Beam wrote: View Post

Alien Space Station: Turn back! You're on a collision course!
Picard: Merde. Deanna's at the helm again, isn't she?
Next, we have the "Tough to memorize" Award, going to:

Gep Malakai wrote: View Post

"'There can be no long as laws–' Holy Christ, who wrote this?"
Next, we have the "Pon Farr" Award, going to:

Holdfast wrote: View Post

REMMICK: Sir, urgent message from your wife: she says that if you're late from work today, you'll regret it for the next 7 years.
Our Photoshop Award, goes to:

Nerys Myk wrote: View Post

WES: Uh, Captain....

CAPTAIN: Not now, Wesley!
A special award for Extreme Contest Resurrection, goes to:

IzzyatWarp9 wrote: View Post
Isis wrote: wrote:

Picard: "Note to self: No more bets with Beverly, no matter how horny I am. Because if she won once, she can win again, and I can end up doing even more of young Mr. Crusher's homework."

Picard: "Note to self: I HAVE to learn to control myself!"

Cmdr.Druss wrote: View Post

Picard: "Captain's log, Stardate 4481, wait...Stardate 4471.3, no that's not right either...if today's Tuesday....Damn stardates!"

I admit it folks, I was unable to choose between these two, so they both win!

Jonas Grumby wrote: View Post

Remmick: "Ambassador Sarek is waiting to speak with you in your office. Apparently, he has taken offense at your 'earth women are easy' comment."

Triskelion wrote: View Post

Remmik: Sir, The Muppet Show called. They need Statler and Waldorf back.

Congrats to our winners and many thanks to everyone who participated! Also, thanks for rolling with it while i continue to be untrustworthy with my start times!

New Contest!

Special thanks to Nerys Myk for my awesome avatar!

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