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Anyone else have depression?

I have depression, triggered by health anxiety amongst other things.

The last two months have been really bad for me, after a very good start to the year.

I used to be great at my job, as a retail manager but now I just don't have the energy anymore. I have to work alone quite a lot as it's a small store and I just get so down about things. At the moment I'm living on my old reputation but my performance is dreadful, I find myself getting frustrated with customers and even sometimes avoiding them. I really used to love dealing with customers, but now the sight of them annoys me, and every request they make has me sighing inside (I am not normally like this)

I don't do anything apart from my basic job description, putting everything off until the last minute, preferring to do nothing but lean on the counter feeling miserable and watching the clock, I just have NO desire to work

My appearance has taken a turn for the worse, I can't be bothered ironing my shirts and my hair is a mess, all I do at weekends and at night is play mass effect.

During the day on weekends I usually sleep all day with my cat next to me, then stay up all night gaming

I know deep down this will probably pass, but I just hate feeling like this
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