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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

"Calculon 2.0" was awesome. It more than makes up for the disaster that was last week's show, and has supplanted "The Inhuman Torch" as the funniest, most moving episode of the season. The Professor's "science" to resurrect Calculon was hilarious. The story of Calculon's comeback was solidly funny and a good character story, and I loved the arcs Calculon and Leela went through. The climax was great, and though the outcome for Calculon was a bit disappointing, the Robot Devil's final punchline was magnificent.

Most of all, in the parts where Calculon lost his bluster and became truly humble, it gave Maurice LaMarche a chance to show what a really superb actor he can be. That was really moving.

My one disappointment was that the invasion by Morbo's people was just a throwaway gag at the start. I've been wishing for years that they'd do an episode about Morbo, something that required him to put his money where his mouth is -- either reveal that his bluster about destroying us all is a cover for his insecurities or something, or have the invasion actually happen and have everyone surprised that his threats were genuine all along. So to see it treated as an afterthought was disappointing.
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