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Re: Badass Digest says new writers for Trek 3; studio aiming for the 5

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I would love if the could come up with a story that could intersperse some TOS footage into the new film for the 50th anniversary. Even if it was just during the teaser setup at the beginning of the movie.
They could use space shots of the Enterprise from TOS-R, modified to imply it was a small largely unmanned test ship for the class.
You just trying to kill the die-hards?
The idea is to link to Sandra Bullock tumbling and hollering in space from the new GRAVITY trailer if you really want to visualize the cliche reaction.

Honestly though, as bad as TOS-R looks, I'm not over the moon about the current ILM work either. The gauziness of some shots is as obnoxious as the lens flares on the live-action, and especially out of place in space (just look at ANY of the GRAVITY trailers to see how to do all of this stuff AMAZINGLY RIGHT.)
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