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Re: Cast the new Batman

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As I recall, Chris Columbus was developing a Submariner movie a few years, but that seems to have sunk into the Development Abyss.
Universal Pictures had the film rights to Namor for a long time. Columbus was attached to direct at one point and then he left the project and Jonathan Mostow came aboard. From what Kevin Feige has said lately it sounds like Universal's option on the Namor film rights has expired and the rights have reverted to Marvel.
Wasn't the Rock being considered for this role? I think he would have made an excellent Sub-Mariner.

Back to the thread at hand, I'd like to submit Rob Kazinsky (TruBlood, Pacific Rim). His performance on this season of TruBlood has him bouncing between dark and cunning to aloof and charming at the drop of a hat. A necessary quality for an actor to possess if he should play Bruce Wayne/Batman. Physically speaking, he's pretty built and six feet tall -- not as tall as Cavill but he wouldn't be peering up at him either.

Someone earlier in this thread mentioned Ian Somerhalder. Ever since his bait-and-switch role of "Adam Knight" on Smallville, I've felt he would make a pretty good candidate for Bruce Wayne. Though his casting must come with the condition that he limit the number of times he leers with his eyelids pulled back to their fullest. His eyes are a unique feature for him, but they don't need to pop out of their sockets for us to notice them.
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