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Re: Audition samples for the 12th doctor released

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Pretty cool. Shame none of this will make it on screen.
Really? It's utterly generic 11th Doctor material (try not hearing Matt Smith saying it). If that's what they're looking for we're in for another Doctor picked for Tumblr posters.
I don't know, I could picture Tennant, McCoy, Colin Baker, and maybe Paul McGann delivering a lot of it, and if you switch it around a bit for a slower mumbling delivery Tom Baker could deliver alot of it.

Yes, the Face is specific to Smith (Or maybe Tennant as well?), but, it's not the first time a Doctor has been concerned about or being fascinated by physical characteristics after Regeneration, I don't believe. (I'm sure there's been at least a couple lines before)

Plus, I think the idea is to give them something in the vane of what they've been doing, and see what the actors do with it, and maybe even the chosen one will have been inspiring in his/her/it's interpretation to bring in some ideas to fill in between what they have planned for an arc.
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