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Audition samples for the 12th doctor released

Penned by Steven Moffat

Pretty cool. Shame none of this will make it on screen.


The new Doctor is checking out the new body. Clara, watching. Itís been a few minutes, theyíre both still adjusting.

THE DOCTOR: Right then, eyesight. Not bad, bit blue. Ears Ė not pointy, right way up, more or less level. Face Ė well Iíve got one. Oh, no -French!
CLARA: French.
THE DOCTOR: Iíve deleted French! Plus all cookery skills, and the breast stroke. And hopping. Never mind hopping, who needs to hop. Ohh, the kidneys are interesting. Never had that before Ė interesting kidneys.
CLARA: Are you all right?
THE DOCTOR: I donít know, do I look all right?
CLARA: I donít know.
THE DOCTOR: Howís the face? Seems all right from the inside. Nice action, responsive. Bit less heft on the chin. How is it?
CLARA: ItísÖ okay.
CLARA: Itís a bitÖ you know.
THE DOCTOR: No I donít, I havenít seen it yet.
CLARA: Maybe itís just new.
THE DOCTOR: Have you changed height?
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