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I've invested a lot of time in my current world, and I'd rather not just restart the whole thing just to partake in a few new goodies (like horses, or chests in Nether Fortresses, perhaps new biomes / mobs in future updates, etc.).
I've been playing my world since alpha and I see those new things as an opportunity for adventure. I had to travel 5km out to find horses recently and then had to drag two of them back home through a huge taiga forest. Thankfully, on the way I discovered a ravine with a dungeon embedded in the wall, and that had two name tags and some horse armour in it. I also had to head out into unexplored areas of the nether to get quartz. I find such expeditions to be a fun break from the usual Minecraft routine.
That's a good point. Now, if only I hadn't gone all over my world populating maps, then I wouldn't have to go so damn far for the new stuff!
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