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Re: All Trek Caption Contest 1: Welcome to Space

KIRA: In this dimension they have caption contests in the General Trek Discussion thread!
BASHIR: Setting the shuttle for self destruct.

Picard struggles to hide the fact he just bit his cheek. Data, meanwhile, tries to pick up on the social cue he must be missing.

KIRK: It's distinctly possible.
SPOCK: You mean you didn't use a contraceptive?
KIRK: I didn't think humans could conceive with Orions.

After season 1, Gene Roddenberry shot Gates McFadden in the head and left her in a ditch. Fortunately, she pulled through.

DAX: Julian, I think I need an eye exam.
BASHIR (Off screen): No you don't. Odo's making himself look blurry to mess with you.
ODO: *snicker*
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