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Re: First Contact bridge concept art...

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Not sure why you guys have so much trouble with it; I've had a copy for well over a decade and it's still in perfect condition. Maybe they used better glue when they did the version that got slip-cased with Herb and Yvonne Solow's TOS Sketchbook?

edit: They have screencaps of the special features over at TrekCore. Here's the two screencaps the OP was referencing:

Earlier concept:

Closer to the final set design:

One thing I'd love to see is any sketches Eaves did based on Braga and Moore's early description of the Enterprise-E bridge in the Resurrection draft of the script. To wit:

The Bridge has been redesigned. A single Captain's chair dominates the room, and surrounding consoles and stations all face inward instead of out, giving Picard instant access to his officers. PICARD in the Captain's chair. RIKER at a new Ops station. DATA at the helm. WORF at Tactical. TROI at Communications, various CREWMEMBERS at their posts. The ship is at Red Alert and everyone is tense.
I think that design was one of those things that probably looked cool in their minds while they were writing it, but would have sucked if they actually tried to build and film it.

I completely forgot about Trekcore!!!! I've google-imaged the hell out of it, could only find a low-quality image of one of them, and it was there all along! Thanks!!!!
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