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Re: "Beware the Batman" in 2013! New Animated Series

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Here's an interview with the BtB producers and stars, explaining a lot of the reasoning behind the show's creative choices:
That was an...interesting article. I really wouldn't call BTB "cinematic", unless cinematic means average CG cartoon (I've never been impressed by a cgi cartoon, but even SW: The Clone wars looks better than BTB). Also, this quote (from Glen Murakami) was hilarious

You kind of have to try to figure out how to make Professor Pyg iconic and narrow him down.
Professor Pyg is about as iconic as Polka Dot man, and not nearly as funny an idea. As for the barbara Gordon stuff, I'm guessing she'll be a supervillain. I already said that, but if she's not batgirl, and these guys want to do the exact opposite of all the good batman shows, I'm betting they make her a villain. This quote (from Mitch Watson) was almost as funny as the first quote, but for different reasons

but when I started I was coming at it from the point of view of an everyday fan. Thatís what they wanted, because they want a show thatís going to appeal to both the fans and to everyday people.
I doubt appealing to Batman fans ever crossed anyone's minds, and if Watson really considers himself a Batman fan, i'd hate to see what he'd do to Batman if he hated him I don't know what to think about them. They don't seem like bad guys, they're just not very good at making a Batman show. That's not a crime, its just unfortunate that they're the ones who get to make the show. This interview did not fill me with confidence. I do believe they like what they're doing, I just don't think that they want to do Batman, so they're not. They're doing their own hero and just using the names and one or two somewhat similar elements from a popular DC hero. I was hoping the show would increase in quality as it went on, going from passable to something good or even great. After this interview, that seems less likely. I'll keep watching and hope for a miracle. Right now its atleast better than the first two seasons of The Batman (not that it takes much effort to be better than that) and its definately watchable, unlike TT Go!, but its done nothing to impress me or be anything other than just another superhero show.

So far, its had the generic eco terrorist (except without any real motivation or backstory) and mentally unhinged villain cliches. They weren't bad, but they have been done a lot better (and Poison Ivy/Two Face fit the roles better than Pyg/Magpie). I guess they want new villains, but not unique stories to go with them. I'd complain less if the stories/villains were actually doing something different/better than normal Batman stuff. But, the main stories of these episodes have just been generic Batman villain stories. The only changes are in some of the b-plots, and action hero alfred/fake Katana are not improvements. If they want to be "unique", they could atleast not make episodes intended for the bigger villains and then just shoehorn in badly redesigned z-list villains.

Also, I'm not too excited about seeing Lady Shiva. She was interesting in the comics, so that means they'll do the exact opposite. She'll probably be an alien from an obscure alien planet that appeared in one comic back in the silver age. Or maybe she'll be martha wayne in disguise, raised from the dead. Those two scenario's are obviously just me being an ass, she'll most likely just be a very generic martial arts villain. They could atleast stick to lesser known villains I don't like.

Maybe the show will start to convince me its not just something different, but something good enough to exist. I want to be convinced. I'll keep watching. Worst case scenario, I spend 20-22 minutes every week being somewhat entertained by a forgettable show. I hope it becomes more than that.
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