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Re: USS Antares - anyone have better pics?

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I particularly enjoyed your April Fool's joke there when you referred to some "newly discovered" kitbashes. Took me some time to read through that it was a joke, as they did look like they could have easily been background ships, new-looking paint jobs notwithstanding.
LOL. I've actually modified my Ptolemy model since then. Now it has a secondary hull underneath the saucer made from a Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea mini flying sub. The submarine hull above the ship is now a starliner able to detach from the main tug ship and fly on its own with the one nacelle. It's an homage both to Franz Joseph's Ptolemy class tug and to Michael Okuda, who had wanted to build a ship with a VTTBOTS sub, and who also bought sub kits for BoBW but didn't have the time to build anything with them other than the Mars defense ship (which I would love to see a photo of).

I'm in the process of building replicas of most of the DS9 kit bashes, and some original designs (including the elusive "sixth Beatle" of the Ed Miarecki BoBW kit bashes, which I will eventually christen the "true" Tolstoy)
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