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Re: USS Antares - anyone have better pics?

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I have the other pics you mentioned about the reverse-rollbar Miranda and the 4-engine Miranda (you're talking about the one without markings, painted in a pewter color, that appeared in an auction a while back, yes?)
The 4-engined Miranda is the pewter one sold at auction, yes. (And coincidentally it too has its roll bar and pod reversed). And while I have a pic of the Trial, I don't have any pics of a Reliant model with the roll bar reversed. If you do, I'd be interested in seeing it.
I can do that - give me a day or so to get it uploaded into PhotoBucket and I'll post it here before the end of the week.
Would the person (not Buckner) who had those Antares, Excel & Trieste pics also have something that shows the AWAX assembly in the back?
I have several pics of Buckner's Bradford, and some of the Antares and a standard unpainted Klingon battle cruiser. I had them posted at one point, but since I never originally got permission from the people in question to post them, I decided to take them down. PM me your email addy and I'll send them to you.
Will do...sending shortly.
And on the other Trek forum - I'm assuming you're speaking about the "Flare Sci-Fi Forum" - I've tried to register there and registry looks as if it's been closed down since December 2010 due to some spam bot issue? I can't seem to find anywhere to sign up, and the most recent message on the subject dates back to November 2011. I would have posted over there first, considering that seems to have been a locale for major discussion on the subject.
Yeah, we had a spambot attack a while back and were temporarily forced to block new registers. Obviously they neglected to restore that

I'll talk to the forum administrators about that. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to join. It's an awesome forum for Trek tech talk. It's where the whole BoBW Wolf 359 research started, and I tend to post a lot there about ships & stuff.
Fantastic - I'm kind of surprised with myself that I haven't found it until recently, but better late than never I guess. I particularly enjoyed your April Fool's joke there when you referred to some "newly discovered" kitbashes. Took me some time to read through that it was a joke, as they did look like they could have easily been background ships, new-looking paint jobs notwithstanding.
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