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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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2. The shuttlecraft is entirely too large for the hangar. All one has to do is visualize the scale of the passengers, then apply that to rest of the ship. TOS was somewhat off in the miniatures' scale, but TOS-R seemed to enlarge the shuttle size. What were they thinking?
Everything they did with the shuttlecraft and hangar deck in TOS-R looks awful. The launch sequence always looks like a video game as opposed to a controlled launch as seen in TOS. Indeed, in real life a lot of the launch sequence would probably be done on automatic and by computer guidance rather than the pilot actually doing it manually. Crew control stopped at Spock (or the flight mission's commander) ordering "initiate launch" and the pilot hitting the switch for the automatic launch to go. And that's what it looks like in TOS. Same with the shuttlecraft landings. I really don't see Starfleet shuttlecraft being manually piloted for the launch and landing sequences.

In truth TOS' hangar deck miniature is depicted a bit too large (in terms of forced perspective) making the hangar look impossibly long. Mind you the TAS version is WAY oversized. And the TOS shuttlecraft looks a bit too small in the hangar. The original shot could be tweaked a bit to correct for scale without throwing off the overall feel of the scene.
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