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Re: Original or remastered effects?

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Here's a useful montage I found comprising multiple quick fire comparative stills. Despite some admittedly weak shots throughout the project, selecting the new FX as my default is a no brainer for me...
The new FX just do not sell. Reasons:

1. The 1701 never...ever appears to be a body of large scale at any time, and cannot escape the digital game look.

2. The shuttlecraft is entirely too large for the hangar. All one has to do is visualize the scale of the passengers, then apply that to rest of the ship. TOS was somewhat off in the miniatures' scale, but TOS-R seemed to enlarge the shuttle size. What were they thinking?

3. "Tommorow is Yesterday's" 1701-around-the-sun shot was horrible--the ship just "sat" there, while the sun appeared to be a spotted, orange blob looking nothing like that which the damn sky every day.

4. Not so much an FX comment, but the new editing technology does not seamlessly match the dissolves from the oriignal production. In otherwords, the transition from TOS footage to new FX looks very much like any video edit job of today, which takes the viewer out of the moment.
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