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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

Finished TNG: Losing the Peace. Pretty good, some good ideas for re-envisioning TNG for a post-Destiny world. That said, it seems a bit directionless - which I thought at first was meant to be part of the narrative - but then rushes to make a point out of everything. It also feels like characters are only given 3/4 of a reason for their changes in opinion. We get their initial circumstances, then the beginnings of why they may change their mind and then boom mind changed. In almost every case it feels like there's a missing 5 pages explaining how they arrived at the new opinion/circumstance. I do dig Picard's office redesign.

I read through the Seventh Doctor 50th Anniversary eBook The Ripple Effect. Not badly written, but we're given a tone deaf Ace and a largely out of character Seventh Doctor (feeling more like Two or Eleven) in a plot that could be interesting but never really attains anything more than surface level examination. (I know they are aimed at kids, but the Doctor fights the Elder Gods and the Norse Gods in previous installments with a lot more nuance!) Of the seven eBooks so far I really on found 2, 3 and 6 interesting. The Fourth Doctor installment was fine if a little boring, and 1, 5 and 7 really felt off the mark in terms of characterization and story. I also listened to the Seventh Doctor's episode of Big Finish & AudioGo's Destiny of the Doctor before reading the Seventh story and they cover a similar emotional arc for Ace but the audio achieves it much better.

I'm also about 100 pages into A Singular Destiny, which is a pretty solid KRAD book. The style is a little unusual for this type work, but I like the big world feel of it. I can't say I'm jibing with Pran, but it is nice to share an alma mater with a fictional character!
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