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Re: Inevitable future spectacular catastrophe in the making seen here.

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I doubt this ... vehicle (for lack of a better word) will stay the right side up in a storm.
The trouble nowadays is that everything must be bigger and faster and more expensive. I'd rather have things prettier and more efficient.
Just have a look at this old steamer:
Huge, too, but well-proportioned and elegant.
Well-proportioned, yes, but not as efficient as modern ships in terms of interior volume and room for passenger amenities. And that's what modern cruising is all about.

As sojourner pointed out upthread, today's ships are actually quite stable. They have all the heavy stuff at the bottom, while the upper decks are lightweight aluminum. Cruise ships spend most of their time in the relatively calm waters of the Caribbean and Mediterranean seas, not in the rough North Atlantic. And they steer clear of storms.

Hell, if some things were as top-heavy as they look, Pamela Anderson wouldn't be able to walk without tipping over.
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