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Re: Starship Size Argument™ thread

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FWIW, the videogame lets you get a pretty good look at the shuttlebay too. Assuming that depiction is accurate (it very much tries to be) that would suggest a total of 16 landing pads: eight on each side, four on each level. Apart from the passthrough in the middle between the shuttle bays, there is a considerable amount of room behind the shuttles for equipment and storage before you get to the bulkhead, and behind that -- at least it appears -- is another corridor running parallel to the bay.

That would imply an internal shuttle bay at least 100 meters wide.
While I'm sure the depiction of the shuttlebay is accurate, I'm not so sure about it's size. Third-person action games usually increase the size of environments to give players maneuvering room. See the characters on the bridge, in the corridors or in the turbolift in the game, they look noticably smaller than the actors did on the sets.

That said, I suspect the shuttlebay and brewery are a bit too big for even a 725m Enterprise. What'd I'd give for that LIDAR'd CG model of engineering used when the gravity gave out!
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Unfortunately the visual information presented in the films isn't always internally consistent; there seems to be an issue with scaling. Take the scene in STXI where Kirk rolls up to the Enterprise construction site on his bike. You can see people working on the outside of the ship, and either the ship is too small or the people are way too big. ( Giant cyborgs, perhaps? ) Or the emergence from warp at Vulcan. The first time we see what's left of the Mayflower's dish, it's way bigger than the next time we see it a few seconds later.
The Enterprise was scaled down to fit over the power plant/shipyard location used, but the model was detailed for the 725m+ size. The workmen wouldn't fit in the exposed decks.
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