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Re: Will the real Wyatt Earp please stand...

I don't know I wouldn't say Wyatt came off as a "real person" here but that is partially because of the dream like nature of the episode (which I absolutely love, it's one of my favorites from season 3)

However I did read that the reluctant and righteous Wyatt might have been a tall tale. After all history is kinder to the victors and I believe it was Wyatt who originally told the tale of Gunfight at Ok Corral.

On another note this was Deforest Kelley's 3rd time in this story. He also played Ike Clanton in the TV series You Are There and Morgan Earp in the film Gunfight at the Ok Corral. I think he should have introduced the period they were in rather than Spock because of this, but oh well.
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